Police still seeking third accused in George Bacchus murder
Stabroek News
July 7, 2004

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Police are yet to apprehend the third man charged in the July 24 murder of self-confessed death squad informant, George Bacchus, and officers believe that the man has since fled the jurisdiction.

"He can run, but how long can he run? You can't run forever you know," one senior officer stated when asked about Fabian Jessop who has not been seen since.

He is said to be the nephew of part-owner of the A&D Funeral Home, Debra Douglas, who is also charged with Bacchus' murder together with a handyman, Delon Reynolds.

Bacchus was murdered while lying in his bed at his Princes Street, Lodge home.

A close relative of Bacchus was apprehended on the morning of his murder and was only released last Saturday. According to reports, when he turned up at the Princes Street location where he once lived he was told he was no longer welcome.

Bacchus' sister-in-law, Jean, the wife of his dead brother Shafeek, was also held by the police but was subsequently released.

Douglas is the reputed wife of Ashton King who was charged with two others with the murder of Shafeek Bacchus.