Honour fallen policemen through professional work
-Felix urges police service
Stabroek News
July 5, 2004

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The Guyana Police Force yesterday honoured its fallen `heroes' with a wreath- laying ceremony.

Twenty-five police officers were killed between the years 1913 and 2001 while in stark contrast some twenty-three officers lost their lives between the years 2002 and 2004 at a time when Guyana experienced one of its worst crime sprees following the escape of five dangerous criminals from the main prison on February 23, 2002.

Yesterday's ceremony was attended by the relatives and friends of the deceased officers and they lay wreaths along with Prime Minister Sam Hinds, performing the functions of President, and senior police officers in the force.

Commissioner of Police Winston Felix noted that yesterday's ceremony was a grim reminder of the sacrifice that police officers are expected to make pointing out that they were murdered in many different circumstances one of which was for just being a police officer.

He pointed out that the fallen officers made the ultimate sacrifice and stressed that it is the force's duty to ensure that the family members of the officers get the support of the force and also of the nation. The commissioner noted that when a member of the force dies their relatives are also seriously affected.
Relatives yesterday honouring Police Sergeant Harry Kooseram who was shot dead while on his way to work in 2002. The police yesterday held a ceremony to honour policemen who have been killed in the service of their country. (Ken Moore photo)

However, some of them manage to move on with their lives and succeed and at that point the `Top Cop' mentioned the daughter of the late Constable Rawle Thomas, 11-year-old Robin Thomas, who placed seventh in this year's common entrance examinations.

The commissioner admonished his charges to honour their fallen colleagues by discharging their duties with "love and respect at all times."

Prime Minister Hinds in his brief remarks told the relatives that the nation appreciates the sacrifice the fallen officers made adding that the country is aware of the large number of officers who lost their lives between 2002 to 2004 and it is hoped that "we would not see a time like that again."

The two most recent deaths in the force were those of Assistant Superintendent, Richard Griffith and Lance Corporal Ramnarine Latchana who were shot on March 1 this year whilst performing duties at the Brickdam Police Station.