Dirty city yards come under microscope
Stabroek News
July 3, 2004

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Kitty and Campbellville will come under scrutiny next week, when the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) addresses dirty yards and other defective sanitary systems in the areas and provides refuse bins.

A press release from the M&CC said Town Clerk Beulah Williams met the Medical Officer of Health, the City Treasurer, the Clerk of Markets, the Director of Solid Waste Management, and other city officials to discuss an approach to abate the accumulation of refuse, indiscriminate dumping, and unsanitary conditions in different wards.

The release noted that a number of yards are untidy with weeds, bushes, long grass, pieces of old wood, builders waste and other undesirables. Many owners/occupiers have been cited for neglecting to ensure provision of refuse receptacles though the District Council Act stipulates that owners/occupiers have a civic obligation to provide the appropriate receptacle to dispose of their waste.

As a result, there is dumping of garbage on city parapets, roadsides and other thoroughfares which affects the aesthetics, causes poor drainage, mosquitoes and other public health problems.

The release also said that the Meat and Food Inspectorate would be examining all restaurants, provision shops and cook shops for the relevant medical certification and other public health standards.

The M&CC is asking for the support of all residents in this effort to restore Georgetown.