Ashton King's wife, handyman charged with Bacchus killing
Stabroek News
July 3, 2004

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The drama surrounding an alleged death squad grew murkier yesterday when the wife of Ashton King was charged with murdering self-confessed informant George Bacchus. Standing beside her in the Georgetown Magistrate's Court was the handyman who is said to have been her accomplice in the sensational murder that has riveted the country.

An arrest warrant was issued for another man who is reportedly in hiding.

The allegations, read before Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen, stated that on June 22, Delon 'Fat Boy' Reynolds of Lodge and Deborah Douglas, the part owner of A&D Funeral Parlour, murdered Bacchus.

Between June 22 and June 24, Douglas is accused of counselling, procuring and commanding Reynolds to murder Bacchus. The arrest warrant was issued for Fabian 'Fabie' Jassop, the defendants' alleged accomplice. Reynolds and Douglas will return to court on July 22 for the commencement of the preliminary inquiry into the matter.

Bacchus was shot dead in his Princes Street home two Thursdays ago while he slept. His murder came about six months after the killing of his brother, Shafeek.
Delon Reynolds (right) being led from court

Douglas' common-law husband, Ashton King is in jail along with Shawn Hinds on a charge of murdering Shafeek in a drive-by shooting in January this year. Another co-accused Mark `Kerzorkee' Thomas died in hospital under mysterious circumstances.

After Shafeek's killing George Bacchus went public with allegations of a death squad having been formed to murder criminals and said that he had been the intended target. It was following his allegations that King and Hinds were charged.

George Bacchus was expected to testify shortly in the preliminary inquiry into his brother's death which restarted on Thursday. Just days before his death, George Bacchus had alleged that he was being stalked by a rifleman and he had made a series of other allegations.

Representing Douglas yesterday was attorney Vic Puran who made an application for an early preliminary inquiry. But Chief Inspector Gordon Peters told the court that investigations were still underway and that the prosecution needed at least a month before the start of the inquiry.

Puran then suggested that his client had been arrested because of 'say so' from her co-accused, which would be no evidence at all. He further submitted that the police had charged Douglas prematurely and now were asking for time to build a case.

There were chaotic scenes at the court yesterday with the police initially barring all reporters from entering the courtyard. A Stabroek News reporter already in the building was asked to leave by a rank who said he was carrying out the orders of the court.

The reporter was eventually called in by another rank who said that only the electronic media and those with cameras were not allowed to enter. That did not stop at least one media house from flashing away after the defendants were charged.

The curious managed to stop traffic outside the court, many in support of the funeral parlour owner:

"Debbie ah gone pray fuh yuh", "God gun help yuh Debbie" one of Douglas' supporters yelled in tears.