Market meat, food vendors inspected
Stabroek News
July 3, 2004

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A team of inspectors from the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) recently visited city markets to observe the operations of meat and fish vendors, snackette and cookshop owners.

According to a press release, on Tuesday the team from the Meat and Food Hygiene Section of the Municipal Public Health Department visited the Bourda and Stabroek markets and checked for the appropriate medical certification of food handlers operating there.

They reminded them of the need to adhere to regulations and laws governing such businesses in Georgetown.

Meat vendors were also warned about buying meat from sources other than authorized dealers, because meat offered for human consumption should be stamped and approved by the M&CC as set out in the Public Health Ordinance.

The Ordinance says that any local sanitary authority may at all reasonable times inspect and examine any article intended for human consumption and if that article appears unwholesome he may seize it and carry it away.