PNCR: Regent St incident warning sign
Stabroek News
July 2, 2004

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The PNCR says Friday's marauding band of women on Regent Street was an indication of how dangerous a situation can become; and that it is a grim warning to all that unless the concerns of citizens are addressed, society could descend into anarchy.

The party made the statement at its weekly press conference held at Congress Place yesterday.

One day after self-confessed 'death squad' informant George Bacchus was killed in his home on Princes Street, a group of women, mostly dressed in black, took to the streets and demanded that stores and other businesses along Regent Street close.

The PNCR said the refusal of some protestors on Friday to participate fully in the People's Movement for Justice (PMJ) protest and embark on an exercise on their own must be a matter of concern for all "right thinking Guyanese".

The party said that for several months it has been advising stakeholders that the death squad issue had the potential for "serious social dislocation".

According to the party, it has expended considerable efforts in advising and convincing many citizens that the established institutions of the state should be given time to deal with the matter of the death squad in a responsible manner. The party said that generally the response of citizens has been very commendable and that several 'Rule of Law' marches have been held over the past four months without incidents. It said notwithstanding several attempts to malign those marches, the participants agreed to allow the established process to work.

The party said that if Guyana is to breathe again swift action is required by the administration to save the country from anarchy.