Bacchus goes out quietly
Stabroek News
July 2, 2004

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Self-confessed death squad informant, George Bacchus was given a low-key funeral yesterday that contrasted sharply with the publicity surrounding his last few months ending last week in his murder.

The early morning funeral attracted just a few relatives and friends while most of the persons who thronged Sandy's Funeral Home were simply curious. Stabroek News understands that a relative of Bacchus flew in from a neighbouring country and quietly made arrangements to have him buried out of the public eye.

But as early as 8 am a number of media houses had arrived at the parlour even as employees were telling persons that no funeral was being held there.

Eventually word got around that the funeral was on and by 9 am Bacchus' body, dressed in brown trousers and a cream shirt with tie, was wheeled into the parlour in a brown coffin.

Persons rushed in to have a last glimpse and immediately left without staying for the funeral service.

The pastor performing the last rites as the body of George Bacchus was placed in the family vault. (Ken Moore photo)

A genip vendor was also seen at the coffin with her basket and actually made some sales while viewing the body.

After the initial rush, the pastor commenced the service and by then the parlour was practically empty.

After songs and scripture readings the pastor asked for a member of the family to read the eulogy, however, no one stepped forward and the preacher went on with the church service.

Bacchus was said to be a Muslim and at one point a call was made for a Muslim person to perform the last rites but once again no one came forward.

A few minutes later the body was whisked away to the Le Repentir Cemetery and Bacchus was laid to rest in a section of the family tomb where his brother Shafeek, who was gunned down on January 5, was also laid to rest.

Persons were seen running through the streets and into the cemetery when word got out that he was being buried.

"So quiet deh bury the man? Deh shoulda give he a soul funeral," was a typical comment.

Then the workers closed the vault and everyone wandered away.