Local govt polls unlikely this year - Luncheon
Stabroek News
July 1, 2004

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The possibility of holding local government elections this year was yesterday deemed "most unlikely" as advice on the system to be used to conduct these polls is still being sought.

Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday confirmed that the elections would likely not be held this year, while noting the presence in Guyana of Danish Electoral Systems Expert, Kare Volland to advise stakeholders on the specifics of the proposed system for the local government polls. Observers say it is unlikely that the local government polls would be held before general elections due in 2006.

According to Luncheon, Volland who has met President Bharrat Jagdeo and Local Government and Regional Development Minister, Harripersaud Nokta along with members of the Bi-partisan task force on local government reforms and political leaders, is continuing to work toward mutual agreement on a model to be used at the elections.

Among the changes mandated by the constitutional reform process to the existing system is participation of individuals and groups other than political parties in the next local government polls.