City impounded 58 animals last month
Stabroek News
July 1, 2004

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The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is cautioning owners of animals to keep them off the roads to ensure an accident-free environment and says 58 animals were impounded over the last month.

A press release from the M&CC reminded that animals left unattended to wander along the roads have caused serious, and in some instances, fatal accidents in the past. Additionally, the flies bred from the animal droppings and the resulting stench negatively impact on the health of the people and their surroundings, the release pointed out.

It noted that horses and other animals have been observed, "congregating on some of our busier roadways almost everyday in Georgetown.

"The law stipulates that [such animal owners] ...should have adequate accommodation to wit: the provision of proper byres, and that they should be tethered, and graze in areas that will [ensure they do not] pose an inconvenience to citizens." Over the last month the Constabulary has impounded 52 cows, five horses and one donkey in the areas of Houston, West Ruimveldt, South and North Ruimveldt, D'Urban Street, Sussex Street and Industrial Site.