Overseas-based Guyanese terrorised, robbed
Kaieteur News
July 28, 2004

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BANDITS gave two overseas-based Guyanese females a terrifying welcome to Guyana during separate robberies at Number 71 Village and Portuguese Headquarters, Corentyne, on Monday night.

Police said that the bandits assaulted one of the women, while another had to be hospitalised after being traumatised.

A police press release said that five family members from Portuguese Headquarters were resting under their house at around 20:00 hrs after returning from a wedding when six armed men attacked them.

One of the men pointed a handgun at the family members while the gang ordered the victims to hand over their valuables.

Police said that an overseas-based female, who was there with her husband, was assaulted.

According to the release, the victims eventually handed over an undisclosed sum to the robbers, who escaped on foot through a cemetery.

An hour earlier, two men, armed with handguns, escaped with US$4, 800 and a gold ring after attacking the occupants of a house at Number 71 Village, Corentyne.

A source said that Takurdai Persaud, a 51-year-old overseas-based Guyanese, and her daughter were in the house when the men forced their way in.

The men first ordered the women to lie facedown on the floor, but eventually took Persaud to a bedroom, where they demanded money and jewellery.

Persaud handed over a quantity of US currency to the men who fled in a car in the direction of New Amsterdam. The ordeal was reportedly too much for Persaudís daughter, who had to seek treatment at the New Amsterdam Hospital after becoming hysterical.

There has been a spate of robberies and at least two gruesome murders in the Ancient County in recent months.