Tightened security at courts affects many
Kaieteur News
July 20, 2004

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Increased security at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on the days when the Shafeek Bacchus Preliminary Inquiry is being heard seems to be affecting persons who have cases in other courts in the compound.

This was observed yesterday when many who had cases were locked out of the compound.

Speaking with Kaieteur News, one of the persons who was locked out said, “I have a case in the Traffic Court and I can’t get in the compound. The police at the gate have a list with the names of the people who have cases in the various courts in the compound but some names are not on the list.”

The man added, “Every week this Bacchus case is being heard; I have this problem.” A woman who was also locked out said, “Just imagine my daughter has a case in the court and they lock she out. When we finally get in the case was adjourn for another day and an arrest warrant was issued fuh she. They tell we that the bail was escheated and that we can’t get back the money. When I try to explain to the magistrate that we de get lock out she said that it ain’t she problem. This happen last week and again this week.”

“An arrest warrant was issued fuh me two weeks ago when I de get lock out of the court compound. I had to go through the expense of taking a lawyer to explain the situation to the magistrate since she didn’t listening to me. I think that they gat to put a better system in place. But apart from that the police dem at the gate and all does start shouting at you when you trying to explain to dem,” another man said.

Meanwhile, an official at the court told Kaieteur News that the situation would be remedied soon since the case will conclude shortly.

When asked about what would happen if another situation arises that requires the same type of security, the official said that a better system would be developed by then. Police at the court increased the level of security after a number of bomb scares and other threats to officials.

The threats began just as the Preliminary Inquiry into the death of Princes Street cattle farmer Shafeek Bacchus commenced.

The tightened security was also initiated after the now dead self-confessed ‘death squad’ informant George Bacchus disclosed that a Magistrate’s name was on a hit list.