Cel*Star optimistic about lines of communication
- says itís pleased with GT&Tís action
Kaieteur News
July 20, 2004

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Cel*Star Guyana says it is pleased to see action being taken by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) after many months of delay.

Interconnection was unilaterally stopped by GT&T in October 2003, despite Cel*Starís ongoing attempts to resolve the issue.

ďIt has been a long process which is certainly not over yet, but we do finally see movement. These delays have not only been an obstacle to Cel*Star but has ultimately hurt the consumers looking for a liberalised marketplace and the country as a wholeĒ, said Cel*Starís Chief Operations Officer Pierre Strasser.

As a result of the guidance and involvement by the Attorney General over the recent weeks, Cel*Star Guyana now says it remains cautiously optimistic by this recent move by GT&T to open the lines of communication.

Cel*Star attorneys are continuing to review the proposals submitted by GT&T but the company says there remains critical unresolved issues.

Though there are currently pending negotiations between the two telecommunication operators, Cel*Star Guyana says it still firmly believes that the current matter before the Court of Appeal remains crucial for the benefit of consumers in the Guyanese marketplace.

The company says in order for it to function to its full capacity, the PUC must be fully empowered to allow for and protect the future of competition in the telecommunication arena.

Cel*Star says that while the negotiations between them and GT&T are positive steps, this is only the first step of many. The relationship between these two parties is an ongoing process beyond the negotiations to the implementation of interconnection through to the day-to-day transfer of calls.

Cel* Star Guyana says it is hopeful that GT&T will similarly recognise the importance of a positive and open relationship between the two companies for the benefit of Guyana.