Teenager settling in at NOC
Kaieteur News
July 11, 2004

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The 13-year-old girl at the centre of the controversy involving businessman Reeaz Khan is settling well in her new environment at the New Opportunity Corps.

The teen was sent there by a judge as legal matters continue to engage the courts on her status.

Speaking with this newspaper, a recently released inmate of the institution said that the teenager is already mixing freely with other inmates, following her early apprehension after she was sent there just over a month ago.

The former inmate said that the girl is now engaging in conversation with other inmates.

There were several objections to the teen being an inmate of the institution since she had not committed anything infractions that necessitated her presence at the NOC. The former inmate said that the teenager was offered the option of sleeping with a staff member, but refused, opting instead to be with people of her own age.

She is however not permitted any visitor, except for her counselor, who was appointed by the court.

There are reports that during last week, the teen was escorted out of the institution in a grey minibus by three men, one of whom is an official of the NOC. The vehicle was heading towards Charity when it was reportedly spotted by someone who knew the girl. The person said that he decided to follow the vehicle.

However it was reported that the official suspected that the vehicle was being followed and ordered the bus to turn around.

The persons eventually took the girl to a doctor at Suddie, where they spent about 30 minutes before returning to the NOC.