Jean Bacchus terrorised
- calls for police protection
Kaieteur News
July 10, 2004

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With disaster twice in six months, Jean Bacchus and other relatives are fearful following nights of terror by Derrick Prince, son of Shafeek Bacchus, who was released from police custody just a week ago.

Jean told Kaieteur News that Prince started a nightly terror campaign, driving fear into family members since last Tuesday. “He comin’ and pelting up bottles at the house and behaving badly, like if he want kill somebody.”

Neighbours in the area confirmed that during the past few nights Prince was heard shouting outside the Princes Street property and seen hurling bottles at the building.

At around 13:00hrs, yesterday, when this newspaper visited the property, Jean Bacchus was lying on a bed in the yard.

She said that after she was released from police custody, she became ill and had to be hospitalised for a few days.

“How yuh expect me fuh live in fear all the days of meh life, look wah happen, meh lose dada (Shafeek), now Bombalay get kill, is not time fuh me get lil peace and overcome all dis disaster?”

The terrified woman said that she finds it hard to sleep at nights because of the abusive actions of the close relative. “I want police protection, even if I got to pay them,” she added.

Prince, who lived with her and the late George Bacchus in the Princes Street property, was evicted by Jean last weekend, after it was alleged that he was an accomplice to the murder of George Bacchus.

But a statement given to the authorities by confessed killer, Delon Reynolds proved otherwise, and he was subsequently released from police custody.

Shafeek’s son had accused Jean of poisoning his food while he was in the lockups. The woman said that she had bought food from a Chinese restaurant for five persons including for Prince and none of the others complained of feeling unwell.

“Is deh house he and he family want, dem want meh fuh leff everything and go, but me aint stick wid Shafeek for 26 years and wuk hard fuh nothing.”

Kaieteur News caught up with Prince who arrived with a police officer at the property yesterday. When asked about the allegations against him, he said he was unaware of the allegations noting that he went to collect some of his personal items.

Jean Bacchus said that on the day of Shafeek’s funeral, Derick Prince was heard saying that he got to kill Bombalay because of what happened to his father.

The seemingly confused woman added that she went through too much and made enormous sacrifice for her late husband and his dead brother to just pack up and leave.

The Princess street property is now under heavy dispute, but according to Jean, her life’s sweat and memories belong there.

Two brothers, Shafeek and George, within six months, died just a few yards apart at the same property.

Jean Bacchus was recently released from police custody after three persons, Deborah Douglas, Delon Reynolds and Fabian Jessop were charged with the murder of George Bacchus.

She was detained on June 25, the day after the gunning down of Bacchus. After providing the investigators with an alibi, she was set free, but then re-arrested after the confession of the killer.