Regional Govts. set up committee for World Cup 2007
Kaieteur News
July 10, 2004

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President Bharrat Jagdeo said that Guyana has a unique opportunity to showcase itself when the International Cricket Council selected this country as a venue to host World Cup 2007 cricket matches.

The Head of State said that he is of the view that the Guyanese people recognise the importance.

He noted that the opposition PNCR was involved at the level of the national committee which prepared Guyana’s bid to host World Cup matches.

He said that the Venue Assessment Team met with Opposition Leader Robert Corbin, who gave his support to Guyana’s cause.

The President’s belief is that the Guyanese people have transcended partisanship to work for their country’s good with regards the staging of World Cup matches.

The CARICOM Prime Ministerial Sub Committee on Cricket will be the key link with the West Indies Cricket Board and the International Cricket Council to coordinate the World Cup 2007 activities.

President Jagdeo said there will be joint security plan, legislation and coordination on immigration.

He explained there will be a machine-readable card implemented which could be used within the countries in the region.

This is being done with a view to prevent the hassle of having to check with immigration authorities whenever a person is traveling from country to country to view the cricket matches.

The President assured that there will be a structure in place so that, as a community, the countries in the region would be supporting each other.

He disclosed that housing is to be constructed for the expected influx of visitors to Guyana for the World Cup. Private investors have signaled their possible involvement in constructing some 500 houses. The houses will have the capacity to accommodate about eight persons.

The President said that Government plans to provide incentives for the private sector investors who will be constructing the houses and they would have the option to sell the houses on the market afterwards. Government will be providing the land at preferential rates.

The President said that the lands do not necessarily have to be located in proximity to the stadium at Providence.

Some of the lands will be located at West Demerara, East Bank and East Coast Demerara.

The President said that in addition to the housing schemes, there could also be small cruise ships, each with the capacity to accommodate 500 persons. This observation resulted from the recent visit by one such cruise ship with a capacity of 500 people.

The Head of State expressed the hope that the Guyanese people would see the work being done in preparation for the World Cup in Guyana as a national effort.

“It’s a matter of pride for our country,” he said.

He stated that there are many opportunities that have been made available from Guyana being chosen as a venue.

Apart from the construction of houses, he said a second road to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) will be constructed, with work expected to commence next year.

There will be the upgrading of CJIA, construction of international hotels at Liliendaal and beautifying the landscape in the capital city.