Teenaged girl stabs C.N. Sharma
Kaieteur News
July 10, 2004

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Popular talk show host and Justice for all Party leader Chandra Narine Sharma was yesterday stabbed several times by a woman, shortly after noon at Success, East Coast Demerara.

According to reports, Sharma, the proprietor of CNS TV, was involved in a heated argument with the teenager in a house he owned at Success.

Information reaching Kaieteur News is that, following the argument, Sharma was attempting to leave, when his female associate pounced on him and using a pen stabbed him twice in the head, and other parts of his body. He also sustained a ghastly wound to his jaw.

A close associate of CN Sharma, who spoke to him shortly after the incident, related that recently the teen would become very obsessed and abusive whenever she was denied her own way.

Following the attack on the television personality, the young lady proceeded to rip off his clothing, when he abandoned his vehicle, which was parked in front the house, to escape the attack.

Residents in the community said that they saw Sharma running down the road with his clothing torn and blood running down his face. He sought refuge in a nearby house, out on the public road.

Sharma’s associate said that the young woman then proceeded to damage the 4x4 by smashing the vehicle lights. A crowd soon gathered.

Staff members of CNS TV took Sharma away from the area. Just last year, the television proprietor was hospitalised after the same young lady stabbed him several times in the chest.

That matter was reported at the Brickdam Police Station, but the CNS proprietor did not press any charges against her.

This newspaper understands that once again, the JFAP leader has declined to press any charges against the teen.