Bandits terrorise, rob overseas-based Guyanese
Kaieteur News
July 10, 2004

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Two overseas-based Guyanese will have horrifying memories of their visit to Guyana after they were brutally robbed by five masked men on Thursday night.

Sixty-three year old Thakur Jaffar and his daughter, who arrived in the country recently were forced to hand over $100,000 in cash to the bandits who threatened to beat them if they did not.

A statement from the police public relations office said that Jaffar, his daughter Vanimati along with four other relatives were at home in Saldon Farm, Corentyne when the bandits entered through an open door.

The men discharged a round in the air and demanded cash. When Jaffar told the men that he did not have any cash, they proceeded to beat him in his head.

They then took his daughter into the upper flat where she handed over the cash.

Not satisfied, the bandits searched several suitcases but found nothing of value and made good their escape on foot. The police were called in but so far no arrest has been made.

While armed robbery has been on the decline in Region Four, Berbice has been on the receiving end of criminal activity, as bandits appear to have shifted their operations to the ancient county.