PMJ angered by Gajraj’s return to office
Kaieteur News
July 9, 2004

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The People’s Movement for Justice (PMJ) has voiced its anger and deep disgust over reports that point to Minister Ronald Gajraj’s continued occupation of his office at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

According to a press release from the organization, Mr. Gajraj’s stay in office is improper and unacceptable since the President assured the nation on July 2 last, that Mr. Gajraj was proceeding on leave.

According to the release, Dr. Luncheon’s declaration at his weekly Cabinet press briefing that it was not his understanding that some functions of the Minister are to be stayed, shows the influence that Mr. Gajraj could have on any investigation into his involvement with the alleged, state-sponsored ‘death squad’.

The release added that a possibility for the destruction of valuable evidence which may have a bearing on the issue, and the official tampering of potential witnesses exist as long as the Minister has unrestricted access to his office.

Even if it is a normal practice to allow a Minister access to his office during a period of leave, this is not a normal situation and cannot be condoned or excused by the ridiculous and insensitive statement of Dr. Luncheon on behalf of the Government, the PMJ said.

The PMJ hopes that the many voices in condemnation of the protest action that saw a group of people, mainly women, taking to the streets on Friday, June, 25, 2004, will just as stridently condemn this latest disregard for decency and fair play that has been demonstrated by the government.