Classes for the August holidays
Kaieteur News
July 4, 2004

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Yet another academic year has come to an end. This means that the long-awaited August holidays are here at last. Hence parents would be busy trying to find some place for their children to go to occupy their time meaningfully during the long vacation.

Kaieteur News took time out to find a few places where children could spend their time during the August vacation learning and at the same time having some fun.

Summer classes for toddlers

For working parents whose children are attending Nursery and Play Schools, it is always difficult to find a place to send them during the August holidays, since most daycare centres are closed.

However, after a long search, we found a place that will be offering summer classes for playschool and Nursery school children only.

The newly established Ella Rouch School at 77 ‘N’ Norton Street will be starting ‘summer’ classes from July 12. These will end on August 13.

This summer school is one with a difference. With an environment conducive for toddler’s learning and a new and enhanced curriculum, the Director of the summer classes is promising that parents will see results at the end of the five-week period.

Children, who will be attending these classes, will be exposed to phonics and writing, and so will be able to adopt the correct concept of writing.

Art and Craft, Music and dancing, games and story telling will be part of the curriculum. There will also be tours to places of interest.

According to Programme Director, Ms. Athlene Henry, this programme was designed for young children so as to encourage them to inculcate the habit of reading at an early age.

Summer classes for primary

and secondary students

The Satish Memorial Institute, which is located at the corner of Forshaw and Ornoque Streets, will be offering summer classes for secondary students, school leavers and adults as well.

According to Principal Administrator of the College, Mr. Reyaz Hussein, the institute will be facilitating classes for the next six weeks starting from July 12 and ending on August 20.

Some of the courses being offered for the primary school pupils are Math, Composition, Comprehension, Spelling, Science and Social Studies, while the lower secondary school students could enjoy the four basic subjects: Math, English, Social Studies and Science.

The school leavers and adults will be offered courses in Math, English Principle of Business, Principle of Accounts, Office Procedure, Social Studies and for the very first time a six-week crash course on Oral and Effective Communication will be offered.

For families living on West Coast Demerara and in the Parika area, and even for adults who want to keep up with the fast world of growing technology, there is no need to worry.

Computer classes for the summer vacation

The Two Brothers Academic Training Centre will be offering a special summer package for people living in that district. The Two Brothers Academic Training Centre, which is located at 175 Parika Junction, started its summer programme last Monday and is expected to continue with it until the end of the summer vacation.

These classes will be conducted daily from 8: 00 PM to 6: 00 PM. The courses being offered at this institution are mainly on Information Technology.

These courses are opened to children as well as adults. Persons attending these courses will be exposed to the Internet, Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, Microsoft Powerpoint and other topics related to Information Technology. This institution is also offering a special package. Any person who enrolls for three courses will be entitled to one free course.

People who enroll for five courses will receive two courses free.

Now for those parents, who would rather a more non-academic but instructive activities for their children, there are some churches that will be offering Vacation Bible School for the August vacation.

Starting tomorrow and continuing to July 17, the First Assembly of God Church on D’Urban Street will be commencing annual Vacation Bible School.

VBS will be held from 8:30 in the morning to noon daily for the next two weeks at the church.

This year’s VBS will be held under the theme “I am” and will be targeting mainly young people.

However, according to the Sunday School Superintendent, Ms. Norma Singh, VBS is open to children of all ages. This year they are catering for some 1200 children.

With an informal environment suitable for learning, children will enjoy moral and biblical teachings, while at the same time they would be involved in some leisure activities.

The children would also be exposed to a bit of Information Technology, Arts and Craft, and games. All of this is free of cost.