Shafeek Bacchus PI restarted
Kaieteur News
July 2, 2004

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After some delay, the Preliminary Inquiry into the shooting to death of Shafeek Bacchus, a Princess Street cattle framer, restarted yesterday before Magistrate Adrian Thompson.

In court yesterday, Detective Deputy Superintendent Alfred Paul stationed at the Criminal Investigations Department, Brickdam, gave evidence-in-chief about his involvement in the investigations of Bacchus’s death.

Also testifying about the investigation was Ewing Trotman, also attached to the Criminal Investigations Department.

Paul was cross-examined by defence councils Campton Richardson and Vic Puran. However, Trotman is yet to be cross-examined.

Bacchus was reportedly murdered outside his home at Princess Street, Lodge, on Monday 5th January, 2004 when gunmen reportedly open fire on him.

Following his brother’s death, George Bacchus, (who is now deceased) reportedly fingered the Manager of Abey’s wine Bar, Mark Thomas, proprietor of A&D Funeral Home, Ashton King and former Police Officer, Sean Hinds as the persons who shot his brother.

Subsequent to further investigations Thomas, King and Hinds were all charged with the capital offence of murder. However, Thomas collapsed when the charges were being read to him and was hospitalised; he later died in the hospital.

The Director of Public Prosecutions was forced to restart the case after Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen withdrew from the Inquiry.Magistrate Holder-Allen vacated the case after self-confessed death squad informant George Bacchus disclosed that she was at one time targeted for death.

Bacchus, who is now dead, contended that the Chief Magistrate’s name was featured on a list that he had seen.

Following his statements the magistrate withdrew from the murder inquiry that she had began conducting.

She said the decision was taken in the interest of justice, since she did not wish to be biased in the hearing, which could later impact on her decision.

The PI will continue today.