George Bacchus' sister-in-law testifies at Preliminary Inquiry
Guyana Chronicle
August 11, 2004

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THE Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the murder of self-confessed, so-called death squad informant, George Bacchus started yesterday with one witness testifying.

Sister-in-law of the deceased, Ms Jean Bacchus completed her evidence-in-chief and was cross examined by Attorney-at-law Mr Glenn Hanoman, who is appearing for the Number One accused Delon 'Fat Boy' Reynolds. Reynolds was the handyman of the Bacchus family.

Attorney-at-law Mr Vic Puran, who is appearing for the other two accused, Fabian 'Fabie' Jessop and Debra 'Debbie' Douglas, also cross-examined the witness.

Assistant Superintendent Richard Lowe, who is representing the Prosecution, said that he had two witnesses to take the box, but only Jean Bacchus turned up.

Mr Hanoman and Mr Puran then made an application to the Court for an order allowing them to visit the location where the killing allegedly took place, since, according to Mr Hanoman, "I am at sea...I don't understand the layout of the location."

The Defence Counsel said they had never visited the location and, as a result, were at a loss when the witness spoke about a sheep pen and about two houses in the same yard. But Magistrate Bertlyn Reynolds, who is presiding over the case, refused the request.

"Are you saying that the Court should help the Defence? Because I see no reason at this point to make such an order," the Magistrate said.

The trio is charged jointly with the June 24 unlawful killing of George Bacchus, popularly known as 'Bombalay' at his Princes Street home. The second charge is alleging that between June 22 and 24, they counselled, procured and commanded Reynolds to commit the crime.

Mr. Puran complained again yesterday that Douglas' relatives were prevented by Police from giving her food and water when she was at the lock-ups. But the Magistrate said that she had dealt with that complaint on a previous occasion. Ms Reynolds stated that she would be dealing only with the Preliminary Inquiry and would not be monitoring Douglas' breakfast.