Preliminary Inquiry into George Bacchus killing adjourned
Guyana Chronicle
August 4, 2004

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THE Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the murder of self-confessed, so-called death squad informant George Bacchus did not commence yesterday as was announced last Thursday, when the three accused made their first Court appearance together.

The Court heard from Assistant Superintendent Richard Lowe, that the Prosecution is not ready to proceed. He said that the case file was at present in the possession of investigators at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Police Force, and after the investigators are finished, the file would have to be passed on to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), before it would be given to the Prosecutor.

Superintendent Lowe also revealed that he would not be presenting the Prosecution's case, but that a Prosecutor from the DPP's office has not been assigned as yet.

Lowe asked for a one-week adjournment, saying that everything would be sorted out by then. However, attorney-at-law Mr Vic Puran, who is representing Fabian 'Fabie' Jessop and Debra 'Debbie' Douglas, objected to such an adjournment.

Mr Puran said, "In the presence of Mr Lowe last Thursday, today's date was fixed. He agreed. This is distressing. The Police have charged without legal advice. All that he is saying are excuses and not reasons."

However, Magistrate Bertlyn Reynolds, who is presiding over the PI, told the lawyer that from Thursday to yesterday was not sufficient time, taking into consideration the length of the weekend, which included a holiday. The Magistrate granted the adjournment.

The new PI date was then set for August 9.

Meanwhile, the other lawyer Mr Glenn Hanoman, is appearing on behalf of Delon 'Fat Boy' Reynolds, the Bacchus's family handyman.

The trio is charged jointly with the June 24 unlawful killing of George Bacchus, popularly known as 'Boombalay' at his Princes Street home. The second charge is alleging that between June 22 and 24, they counselled, procured and commanded Reynolds to commit the crime.

Last Thursday, the three appeared before Principal Magistrate Cecil Sullivan, who transferred the case to Magistrate Reynolds' Court.

On that occasion, Mr Puran had told Magistrate Reynolds that Police ranks attempted to arrest Jessop in his presence. Puran stated that they had no jurisdiction or authority, as the accused was in the custody of the Court and such action was illegal and unlawful.

Yesterday Puran again complained saying that on Friday last, Police took Jessop from the jail and brought him to Eve Leary, Police headquarters, when they had no authority to do same.

He said the Police claimed they took Jessop there on a warrant signed by Magistrate Sullivan on July 29, but, according to Puran, that date was scratched out and replaced with '30' and an endorsement was signed by a Policeman.

He reiterated that the Police have no authority to remove Jessop from the Prison to take him to the station, since Jessop is in the Court's custody.

Magistrate Reynolds on that occasion had ordered Lowe, who is in charge of the Police at the Courts, to make the necessary arrangements and "take a grip of his ranks" to ensure they do not try to apprehend Jessop in the future. She again related same to Lowe yesterday.