Cricket World Cup boss confident
Guyana Chronicle
July 31, 2004

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ORGANISERS of the 2007 World Cup have a back-up plan for moving matches if venues are not ready in time for the Caribbean tournament.

But they are confident games will go ahead as planned.

"There are some countries who are going to find it easier than others," said managing director Chris Dehring.

"Naturally, we're going to have a back-up plan, a relocation plan for the event, moving matches to different countries if necessary."

But he added: "Hopefully it won't be necessary and I believe the effort we've seen augers well for them being able to deliver."

The competition will be played between February and April 2007 and feature 16 teams playing a total of 51 matches.

Venues were named a fortnight ago, with the opening match set for Jamaica and the final for Barbados.

Doubts have been raised in the past about the ability of eight separate countries to come together to organise the event.

But Dehring is confident many of the issues were covered by an investigation team from the International Cricket Council, which assessed the readiness of 11 bidding countries.

Speaking to BBC Test Match Special he said: "We asked them all to do their economic analysis, they've all responded and each believe they're going to deliver."

"One of the areas the countries had to demonstrate during the bidding process was the support of the opposition parties.

"It was extremely heartening, when we went to some of the countries that have historically had polarised political differences, the amount of support each government had from the opposition."

Organisers hope a ‘World Cup passport’ will prevent immigration difficulties for players and fans moving between countries.

But Dehring would not confirm that a bid from the USA was turned down because of extra difficulties in gaining visas.

"It's not that Florida could not hold matches; it was simply there were eight venues in combination with each other that best suited the World Cup," he said.

"The participation of the countries at every level was very heartening and I thought it presented the Caribbean in a very good light.

"It's signed and sealed but now we have to deliver on those bids."

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Black - Barbados - Final, Six Super Eight matches (inc. three biggest)

Yellow - Jamaica - Opening ceremony, Opening game, Semifinal, Six first round matches (West Indies base)

Blue - St Lucia - Semifinal, Six first round matches (England base)

Red - Antigua - Six Super Eight matches (inc. three biggest)

Green One - Grenada - Six Super Eight matches

Green Two - Guyana - Six Super Eight matches

Brown - Trinidad & Tobago

Six first round matches (India base)

Orange - St Kitts & Nevis - Six first round matches (Australia base)