Legislation to be implemented to cover CWC 2007 here
… Guyana did not bid for quarterfinal matches
By Isaiah Chappelle
Guyana Chronicle
July 27, 2004

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LEGISLATION will be implemented to stage Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 matches in line with International Cricket Council (ICC) stipulations.

In an address at the Berbice Cricket Board of Control (BCBC) one-day seminar/workshop at the Berbice High School, Sunday, Minister of Sport Gail Teixeira announced that among pieces of legislation, persons would not be allowed into the stadium with insignia on the body, person, handbags, caps or anything of any company not being one of the sponsors.

“We’re in the big league, we’re in the international level; we’re at the World Cup level. And therefore, there are very many complex areas that we have got to learn to deal with. There will be legislation that all the eight host venues have to implement through their parliament to do with contract and ambush marketing.”

For example, with Pepsi being an official sponsor, persons cannot enter the stadium with Coca Cola or any other beverage insignia.

The minister disclosed that even the machinery used in preparing the pitch, if it were not official, the name would have to be covered.

“This is serious business, because remember this is mega million dollars and the sponsors are very serious. They want a clean, sanitised stadium.”

Also, business places within a 1500-metre radius of the stadium, cannot have messages other than that of the official sponsors, and will have to cover them up if they do.

“This is a level of not legislation versus Guyanese, it’s a level of understanding that we’re in the big league and we’re going to be supervised, monitored, to make sure we’re obeying these rules. And because we’ve got an award and signed a document now doesn’t mean that we couldn’t lose it if we don’t follow through on every single stage.”

Minister Teixeira disclosed that Guyana did not bid for the quarterfinal matches awarded the country, but the first round fixtures with India.

“We were quite surprised, apprehensive but surprised, about being given the quarterfinals. But I believe strongly as a people - as Guyanese, government, private sector, communities, all of us - we can do this thing.”

The minister said there was no doubt about financing for the new stadium, which was designed and funded by India, through a loan at concessional terms.

Minister Teixeira disclosed that the pitch would be built with new technology and would be ready for testing in 2006.

“We want to be in line with St Lucia, now considered the best in the region.”

Thus there would be many openings for jobs, along with places for some 1 000 volunteers during the actual staging of the matches.