New GPC, India's Cipla enter historic pact in drug manufacturing
Guyana Chronicle
July 26, 2004

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THE New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation Inc (NGPC) and India's pharmaceutical giant, Cipla, have recently entered into an historic agreement for collaboration between the two companies.

This agreement allows NGPC dependable and reliable access to a full range of raw materials, bulk formulations, finished products and technical 'know-how' from one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

According to a statement from the New GPC Inc., Cipla is the largest pharmaceutical company in India in terms of retail sales with a number of manufacturing facilities spread across that country including five facilities for bulk drugs and formulations.

The bulk drugs and formulations facilities have been inspected and approved by recognised agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Germany.

All the products manufactured in these facilities are in full compliance with standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the statement said.

Furthermore, Cipla has a strong research and development base for bulk drugs and finished products, and it is one of the company's continuous aims to introduce the latest and best molecules through unique dosage at reasonable prices.

Cipla's existing product range comprises more than 1,600 products in various therapeutic categories including the specialised fields of asthma, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

"NGPC, the Caribbean's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, continues an 85-year-old tradition of producing pharmaceuticals of the highest quality," the statement contended.
"The company has strong research orientation and its products are exported to the Caribbean, North America and Europe," it added.

The local pharmaceutical corporation noted that its collaboration with Cipla would serve to widen its product range and enhance its penetration of the overseas market.

The company also indicated that it intends to use its considerable assets, goodwill and product recognition in the realisation of its full potential as the leader in bringing traditional and new pharmaceuticals to the people of Guyana and the Caribbean at affordable prices.

The NGPC also noted that during 2001, it launched ten anti-retrovirals, which are of the standard and quality comparable to any similar product range on the market but without the heavy price burden. This factor makes it possible for Guyanese patients to have access to efficacious treatment, NGPC statement pointed out.

"This agreement between Cipla and NGPC is a historic one for Guyana and the Caribbean in their response to the challenge of providing quality pharmaceuticals at affordable prices in a timely manner," the company asserted.