Jeffrey praises SSRP
-- says ministry to work on shortfalls
Guyana Chronicle
July 20, 2004

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THE Secondary Schools Reform Programme (SSRP) has facilitated extensive infrastructural works at a number of schools, including four multilaterals which were rehabilitated or rebuilt, Education Minister, Dr. Henry Jeffrey has reported.

He praised the work under the scheme, especially its contributions to infrastructural and curriculum development.

“I have no doubt that it has contributed to the system,” Jeffrey said.

He added, “What it has not been able to do, for one reason or another, is to make the system manage itself better.”

This, he said will be the focus of the ministry as it continues to emphasise good management in the education system.

Among the schools at which the SSRP facilitated repairs and reconstruction are the New Amsterdam Multilateral School at a cost of $23M, Corentyne Comprehensive High School at a cost of $24M, Friendship Secondary School at a cost of $16M, Covent Garden Secondary, Charlestown Secondary, and Anna Regina Multilateral.

Some of these projects encountered setbacks because of variations which had to be done after demolition works started. This often resulted in additional cost not budgeted for.

The SSRP also implemented the National Third Form Examination.

This is a diagnostic exam which allows for an analysis of students who are ready to move forward and those who need remedial works.

The programme also contributed significantly to curriculum development in the education system.

Among these is a curriculum on Career Education. Recently, training was facilitated by SSRP to guide teachers to infuse career education while teaching other subject areas.

SSRP came into being in 2000, operating on an initial $55M budget. This was later increased.

Dr. Kenneth Hunte headed the programme and Jeffrey lauded his efforts, especially in emphasising effective management and maintenance of education infrastructure and systems.

The programme comes to an end next month. (GOVERNMENT INFORMATION AGENCY)