Sister-in-law testifies at Shafeek Bacchus murder case PI
Guyana Chronicle
July 16, 2004

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TWO more witnesses testified yesterday at the continuation of the second preliminary inquiry (PI) into the murder charge against the men accused of killing cattle farmer Shafeek Bacchus.

Sister-in-law of the deceased, Christine Barlow and another witness, Carlton Simon completed their evidence-in-chief and were cross-examined by attorney-at-law Mr Compton Richardson, who is appearing for ex-policeman Shawn Hinds.

Other Defence Counsel Vic Puran, for co-accused Ashton King, part owner of A&D Funeral Parlour, declined cross-examination of the deponents.

Hinds and King are charged with unlawfully killing the victim in a drive-by shooting last January 5.

The pre-trial proceedings will continue today before Magistrate Adrian Thompson.

The first PI ended abruptly when Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen recused herself from it following the claim by now dead self-confessed informant of the so-called death squad, George Bacchus, brother of Shafeek Bacchus, that she was on the hit list of the alleged phantom gang.

George Bacchus, who went public with allegations implicating Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj that led to the naming of a Presidential Commission of Inquiry, was shot dead in the same Princes Street, Lodge, Georgetown house, outside which his brother, Shafeek, died in a drive-by shooting.

Following the execution of George Bacchus, on June 24, the reputed wife of King, Debra Douglas, Delon ‘Fat Boy’ Reynolds and Fabian ‘Fabie’ Jessop were all charged for that capital offence and are in jail awaiting the start of PI.