Ross teases Cultural Centre crowd By Leeron Brumell
Guyana Chronicle
July 14, 2004

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MR Musclemania Hugh Ross dazzled and teased the crowd at the National Cultural Centre on Sunday night when he made a special guest appearance at the International Pharmaceutical Agency (IPA) Universal Supplements-sponsored National Senior male and female bodybuilding championships.

Ross, whose appearance was made possible by North American Airlines, featured on the stage twice for the evening in his guest-posing routine.

Decked in a tiger-patterned and coloured outfit, with a loin cloth around his waist, matching head and arm bands, and pieces of cloth tied to his calf muscles, he was escorted on stage by four female bodybuilders, two in front and two behind, to the sound of an African selection.

He took centrestage and began his routine with a smile on his face. He flexed, and flexed and flexed, but he did not please the crowd because his outfit covered his muscles.

Then the females stripped him and the crowd went up in uproar as his muscles began to glisten under the lights as each and every one, big and small was well defined. The routine ended when the females draped him back in his opening outfit.

However, he returned on stage in a change of posing gear. In black spandex he came out for a second time with Olwayn Lynch and Clint Duke. The three posed again as the crowd seemed tough and it was not until two-time Mr Guyana and double CAC gold medallist Sylvon Gardner appeared, that the crowd went wild.

Gardner sized him up and they went on a posing spree as they advertised the chest, abdominal, thighs, hamstring, lateral muscles, biceps and triceps.

The routine lasted for approximately two minutes and the two were the showstoppers. They put the icing on the cake for what was a historical and entertaining night for the Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GABBFF).

The two will be leading the Guyana’s team to the October 1-3 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Championships at the National Cultural Centre.

At the end of the posing routine, Ross still in his outfit addressed the crowd.

“It’s my dream to represent Guyana at the CAC championships, but there is also another major event (Mr Universe) that is scheduled for the same time, but I promise you whether it be CAC or Mr Universe I will keep the Golden Arrowhead flying high,” he said and the crowd supported with loud cheers.

The soft-spoken ex-soldier thanked everyone for the support and hospitality he had received.

Ross, as part of his agreement with the federation, had to undergo compulsory drug-testing with the remainder of the CAC team. That was conducted on Monday and he returned to the United States yesterday.