Ministry cracks down on roadside vendors
Guyana Chronicle
July 14, 2004

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THE Ministry of Public Works and Communications is renewing its campaign to remove several vendors from the corners of public roadways where their activities are deemed a potential traffic hazard.

Workers from the ministry yesterday began targetting fruit vendors along Vlissengen Road, in the vicinity of Lamaha Street, Georgetown, but were only able to remove one who had been selling from a small truck and a makeshift stall.

Up to yesterday afternoon three vendors continued to operate in that area despite the campaign.

An official from the ministry said attempts were made to remove them, but this attracted a furious crowd and the team trying to stop the vendors had to leave.

He said several notices were served on the sellers warning then to desist from the practice but these went unheeded.

Ms. Beedowattie 'Dolly' Panday, one vendor who remained there after the ministry officials seized pineapples and watermelons valued at $20,000 from her, claimed that she got permission from the Town Clerk to sell at that location.

She said that after several attempts by City Constables to remove her in the past, she took her matter to a Government Minister who raised it with the Town Clerk.

Panday said she got verbal permission to operate there and began selling several months ago.

She has been occupying the concrete base of a demolished bus shed at the corner of Lamaha Street and Vlissengen Road and does not believe her activity is posing a traffic hazard.

The vendor said she is prepared to pull her stall further from the parapet if it is believed to be causing any problems, but wants to continue selling there.