Gardner flexes way to second Mr Guyana title
… Bruney-Dutt walks away with female crown By Leeron Brumell
Guyana Chronicle
July 13, 2004

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CENTRAL American and Caribbean double gold medallist in the bantamweight division, Sylvon Gardner, walked away the proud and envied winner of the Mr Guyana overall title on Sunday at the National Cultural Centre before a capacity lower-auditorium crowd while Delia Bruney-Dutt claimed the female title.

Gardner, of the Power Plant Camp and the defending champion, was unstoppable as he took to the stage first in the lightweight category, along with his eight other competitors.

The male athletes were given one minute to do a 'free posing' routine to score extra points, following which they were subjected to the seven compulsory poses and comparisons when necessary.

When they fell in line, it was evident the short, brash, symmetrical, fun-loving builder was in a class by himself.

Gardner was on stage for the routine only, he was better cut, less oiled - and why would he need the oil. As he moved his muscles were definite; as he flexed they were eye-catching. In short he was the best-prepared builder to take the stage.

The battle then was for the second to six place spots. Mike Morris seemed a formidable opponent. After all he was much improved from last year when he made his appearance as a force to watch. However, he was second to the best.

Errald Thorne of Fitness Paradise finished third, Marlon Bennett of Interline Gym fourth, Brad-li-Sue-Laing of Studio 2000 fifth, and Anthony Thom of Interline Fitness and CAC 2001 bronze medallist sixth.

The other three competitors were not placed.

In the middleweight category, Clint Duke of Upper Demerara Barbell Club came out Mr Guyana Middleweight after a number of comparisons with eventual second-place finisher Adrian Amsterdam also of Linden, and the crowd was shocked and disappointed with the third place given to Paul Nichols of the Power Plant Camp.
Selwyn Grogan of Barim's Gym finished fourth.

The heavyweight division was less competitive with only three athletes in Bruce Whatley of Kingsrow Barbell club the eventual winner of the division, Olwayn Lynch of Interline Fitness second and Wilbur Force of Berbice third, the only competition-ready athletes.

The others were just big in size and lacked the cuts, definitions and symmetry to be called true bodybuilders.

Then came the defining moment, the overall pose-down for the coveted title.

The first two in each category took to the stage Gardner and Morris for the lightweight division, Duke and Amsterdam for the middle and Whatley and Lynch for the heavy.

They were again taken through their compulsory poses, following which a random musical selection was played and they were expected to outflex each other simultaneously. This brought cheers and laughter from the crowd as the athletes dazzled the crowd for one minute to gain additional points.

The final moment arrived and the announcement was made - Gardner all the way and with the coveted title under his belt for a second year and the keys to a brand new scooter, compliments of Kainou Motor Cycle city, Universal Supplements, a designer suit from Sonia Noel and a trip for two to Baganara resort.

Whatley, who finished second, collected $50 000, an activated cellular phone and supplements, while Duke finished third, Morris fourth, Amsterdam fifth and Lynch sixth.

Gardner, who won in his place of employment, said that he was still shocked at his performance.

Sponsored by IPA, Gardner said he is considering a two-week break before returning to training but he is going to focus on the CAC event.

In the Ms Guyana competition Bruney-Dutt, clad in her black two-piece outfit, took the stage graciously to begin her free-posing exercise, and that's where the competition ended.

Her biceps were shapely, lateral muscles wider, abdominal and thighs extremely defined, triceps muscle in the shape of horseshoe and side chest muscle the best - an easy winner with no comparisons necessary.

She stole the hearts of the crowd who were extremely vocal during her posing routine. No other female had such support.

Second place went to Shellon Yarde, third Kimberly Marshall of Kingsrow Barbell Club, with Fiona Harris of Studio 2000 fourth, Karen Kellman of Power Plant fifth and Gail Russell of Body Image sixth.

Bruney-Dutt walked away with two tickets to Barbados, $20 000, a local designer outfit from Malika Blackman, jewellery and Universal supplements.

Bruney-Dutt said she tried her best and was proud of her achievement.

"It was no walk in the park, I just love the sport. I did my best and I thought everybody did their best and I hope I get better.

I'll be working on my entire body, my legs especially."

The small builder who stormed back onto the scene by claiming the Ms Body Beautiful title in Linden a few weeks ago said her focus now is on CAC.

She lauded her training partners, her husband Karan and manager of IPA Lloyd Singh for the support she received for the event.

In the other female category Ms Body Fitness, Ms Physique 2004 Vanessa Adamson took the crown much to the disapproval of the crowd, followed by Studio 2002 gym member Fiona Harris, Karen Kellman third and Aretha Adams fourth of Body Image.

The Body Fitness class is a relatively new division introduced by the Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GABBFF), which focuses on poise, shape, muscle and skin tone, symmetry and make-up, among others, and not much on the cuts and definitions as in the Ms Guyana division.

The four female participants modelled in two categories -- swimsuit and bikini

A total of 31 athletes participated in the International Pharmaceutical Agency (IPA) Universal Supplements’ first annual Senior National Championships that was punctuated with the airing of a CAC video, and Mr Musclemania 2004 Hugh Ross' training documentary and his free-posing routine at the end of the competition.

The five judges named Bruney-Dutt the best female poser and most improved female bodybuilder, with Duke picking up the most improved male trophy.