Police explain reluctance to accept ID cards for Police clearance
Guyana Chronicle
July 12, 2004

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THE Guyana Police Force has issued a statement clarifying its position on refusing to accept the National Identification (ID) Cards from persons applying for the Certificate of Character (Police Clearance).

Public Relations and Press Officer John Sauers explained in a release over the weekend, that the Police reluctance is due to the fact that the ID card does not address the parentage and other vital information pertaining to the applicant that will assist in the identification of an individual especially if it is a case where two or more persons carry the same names as will be evident on a birth certificate.

Individuals applying for a Certificate of Character for the purpose of employment are required to walk with birth certificate; three passport sized photographs and G$500 application fee.

If applying for the purpose of travelling, the person must present his passport along with the other listed documents.

If an individual residing overseas, wishes to apply for any purpose, he or she is required to submit a set of fingerprints obtained from the country in which he or she resides along with three passport sized photographs and G$500 application fee.

All applications will be processed within five working days, the Police assured.