WPA regrets action of protestors
Guyana Chronicle
July 2, 2004

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IN a press release issued on Wednesday, the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) expressed the party’s deep regrets over the unauthorised actions of the small group of protestors who forced some Regent Street stores to close their doors on Friday, June 25, 2004.

The WPA said that the small group of protestors, “who, rejecting as futile the peaceful picket planned by the PMJ (People’s Movement for Justice) as part of its ongoing programme of activities to press for an impartial inquiry into all death squad operations, proceeded with their own spontaneous surge into Regent Street last Friday”.

The statement continued: “In the view of the WPA, a struggle for the rule of law, in the circumstances of Guyana in 2004, will only be advanced by lawful means. WPA has communicated its concerns to our colleagues in the PMJ and the opposition parties and emphasised that the party remains committed to a non-violent resolution of the issue.

“WPA calls on the PPP/C administration to heed the cries of the families and supporters of the victims for justice and an immediate end to extra-judicial executions. The administration cannot escape its share of the responsibility for the descent into the lawlessness born of frustration when peaceful efforts are ignored and scorned.

“WPA extends its sympathy to all citizens going about their lawful business who were subjected to disruptive behaviour during the recent Regent Street episode,” the statement concluded.