Police silent on Bacchus probe
Stabroek News
June 30, 2004

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The police inquiry into the murder of George Bacchus appears to have slowed up with the service having little to say to the media and no immediate prospect of charges being laid against anyone.

Bacchus, a self-confessed death squad informant, was killed on Thursday morning at his Princes Street, Lodge home.

Following a press conference on the same day, a high-level investigative team was to be assembled. Commissioner of Police Winston Felix said the force would go in whatever direction the investigation took them. A senior police officer also promised to provide a statement on the investigation but yesterday the force had nothing to say and the investigators are said to be no closer to cracking the case even though over a dozen civilians, policemen and relatives of Bacchus were pulled in.

One theory the police were studying was that Bacchus was murdered by a relative who has been in custody since his death. It was this same relative who had reportedly told the police that he had removed Bacchus' weapon from his room and given it to someone to bury in the backyard. Investigators have dug up the yard but have found nothing.

Reports are that the relative remains in custody along with four police officers The police are required to approach a judge for an extension after a suspect has been in custody for over 72 hours.

The police held a female relative over the weekend. Yesterday she and her relatives declined to speak. The woman was not home at the time of Bacchus' death and had told investigators that she was at a wake. This was later found to be untrue.

Some of the police officers in custody were identified by Bacchus as being members of the death squad and one of them is a relative of the late alleged `hitman' Axel Williams.

Since the death, the police have questioned about twenty persons including civilians and policemen.

Bacchus became known to the public after the January 5 murder of his younger brother, Shafeek.

He claimed that he was the real target as he was an ex-informant for the death squad and had made the members angry when he spoke out about them turning into paid killers.