Bacchus linked senior cop to death squad businessman
Stabroek News
June 30, 2004

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Before he was murdered, George Bacchus had linked a high-ranking police officer to a local businessman who was believed to be closely tied to the death squad.

In a taped interview with PNCR leader Robert Corbin, Bacchus indicated that the high-ranking officer would give the businessman a list with the names of criminal suspects.

Bacchus also said that the businessman has at his disposal at least twenty persons who he described as "active soldiers".

He said these men carried firearms but have never been searched by the police and he alluded to the connection between the businessman and a high-ranking officer.

The officer was not the only policeman to be implicated by Bacchus, who in a sworn affidavit cited four serving policemen, prior to his demise last Thursday.

The businessman was one of the men who were initially named when Bacchus first went public at the start of the year.

He was said to have helped the men by providing vehicles as well some financial support.

Bacchus was murdered while he was asleep in his bed early Thursday morning in the second flat of his four-storey home.