PPP denies attempts to sway death squad probe
Stabroek News
June 22, 2004

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The ruling PPP denies that it has ever tried to influence the investigation into the death squad allegations.

"[we]...emphatically state that at no time was [the party] involved in any attempt to influence the investigation process into the allegations of wrong doing on the part of Home Affairs Minister [Ronald Gajraj]," the PPP said in a statement yesterday.

The party also condemned a recent protest organised in front of the home of its central committee member Shirley Edwards, who claimed last week that self-confessed informant, George Bacchus had recanted his original allegations against the minister.

Bacchus claims he was offered a bribe of $10M and safe passage out of the country to retract the claims he made at the start of the year.

Last week the PNCR said that the recent developments were evidence of a conspiracy to cover up the issue. But the PPP accused the main opposition of conducting a trial in the media.

The party added that it is clear that the main opposition party is escalating its hostility campaign against the government, having already withdrawn from the dialogue process and from the National Assembly.

"The PPP calls on the PNCR to allow good sense to prevail and to adopt a more responsible approach in the way it treats with the Guyanese society," the statement concluded.