Castellani pool back to normal By Faizool Deo
Stabroek News
June 22, 2004

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Swimmers of the Castellani pool have reported to Stabroek Sports that the level of chlorine in the water has significantly decreased over the last few weeks, after months of discomfort.

The swollen eyes, the edgy teeth and the change in complexion after using the pool are almost non-existent. Parents are relieved and swimmers are now back in full numbers at the Homestretch Avenue pool.

It was reveled that the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President Jennifer Webster had a meeting with the pool attendants over the ph balance of the water and this was corrected. The Office of the President is said to be responsible for the maintenance of the pool. It was also reported to this newspaper that personnel from Guyana Water Inc have visited the pool enquiring about the water.

An official attached to the pool related that the swimmers have stopped complaining about the discomforts that they would have had in the past and are now placing all their emphasis on preparing for a time-trial next month to select a team to represent Guyana at the Goodwill meet in Trinidad and Tobago during the third weekend in August.

The swimmers, the official stated, opted to swim at the Colgrain pool in Camp Street, but that pool was not designed for competition and those practising for the Goodwill meet had no choice but to suffer the discomforts of the Castellani pool.

One mother told Stabroek Sports that she is now happy with the water in the pool since her daughter who is training for the same competition is in better condition.

"Before my daughter [name given] would come home with her skin all white. I would have to use Vaseline Intensive Care lotion to ease her pain."

When Stabroek News originally ran the story of the high level of chlorine in the water it was reported by Maureen Vanlange that her son Julio could not eat a sandwich after his morning swim. Vanlange also stated that she had to purchase new swimwear every two to three months for her son. These problems were also echoed by other parents at the time.