Ministry probes report of teacher writing CXC subjects for student
Stabroek News
June 20, 2004

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The Ministry of Education is looking into a report that a teacher wrote several subjects at the recent sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination, on behalf of an East Coast student.

The ministry is awaiting the findings of an investigation from the Region Four Education Department on the charges.

The Caribbean Exami-nation Council (CXC) local registrar and Superinten-dent of Examinations, Juliet Persico told Stabroek News that several reports had been made to the Examinations Division, the Region Four Education Department and the central ministry about the allegations.

According to the reports, the teacher was observed writing in the examination room during the sitting of a number of subjects.

The student was reported to have made remarks which linked him or her to the teacher.

Meanwhile, Stabroek News understands that the investigations by the CXC and the Ministry of Education into an alleged breach of the CSEC Mathematics and other papers have found no breach in the local system.

It was found that some papers which were reproduced from previous years and updated to 2004 were circulated among a section of the student community. It was believed that they were then sold as part of a scam. No student, however, came forth to say that they had bought any of those papers.

One teacher who claims that a multiple-choice paper of a subject was circulating prior to the subject being written, submitted copies of the paper as part of the investigations some five days after the subject was taken.

Two officials from the CXC headquarters in Barbados and the Examinations Division are still looking at this issue. A number of students and teachers whose names were allegedly called as being involved in the breach were questioned.