Nobel House uncovers huge seafood theft
Stabroek News
June 19, 2004

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A massive scam involving the theft and sale of seafood and annual losses to the tune of tens of millions has been uncovered at Noble House Seafoods Ltd.

A press release from the company said it had recently discovered the scam that involves the massive theft and sale of the company's shrimp and fish to unauthorised persons and had informed the Guyana Police Force which is carrying out investigations.

The release from the company located at Block `X' Eccles, East Bank Demerara, said that as a result it decided, after discussions and recommendations from the private trawlers and processors association, to take private action to "protect itself including implementing the difficult decision of terminating the services of several captains and crewmen on board vessels."

One of the captains has since moved to the courts against the company.

However, the company said the actions were a necessary part of the restructuring of the operations of the fleet of trawlers at this time.

The release also referred to the recent drug bust where Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) officers discovered over 50 kilos of cocaine in frozen grey snapper at the airport ready to be shipped out. One person has been charged in connection with the bust and others are being questioned.

The release said from the bust it would appear that the "entire fishing industry is being targeted for utilisation in, and facilitation of nefarious activities." The company added that in the view of the delicateness of the industry in terms of penetration and maintaining foreign markets, and the vulnerabilities involved in international trade, it would do everything legally within its power to protect itself from fraud and infiltration.