New bus fares start Monday
Stabroek News
June 6, 2004

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Commuters will be paying higher minibus fares from tomorrow as approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

In a full-page advertisement in both the Stabroek News and Daily Chronicle yesterday, the new fare structure to several destinations from the city was unveiled.

Recently operators of several minibus routes have been clamouring for increased fares especially with recent steep rises in the price for petrol.

New fares to destinations traversed by Route 31 minibuses from Georgetown to the West Bank Demerara include $80 to La Grange with $100 to the villages of Canal #1 Bagotville Front, Nismes, Toevlugt, and La Retraite.

Travel between the city and Stanleytown would now cost $110, with $120 being charged for trips to Bell View, Good Intent, Sisters, Patentia/Wales and Canal #2 and the rear of Canal #1. The cost of travel to the rear of Canal #2 is now set at $140.

On the Route 32 Georgetown/Parika or Vreed-en-Hoop/Parika, fares from the city to Parika will now range between $80 and $240 with those from Vreed-en-Hoop costing between $40 and $160 depending on the distance.

On the Routes 40 Kitty/Campbellville, Sophia, 41, Lodge/South, East/West and Guyhoc/Sophia, and 45 Lamaha/Hospital the fares would range between $40 for short drops to $60 to South Ruimveldt beyond Plaza Bridge and to Sophia via Dennis Street to the Fields.

The fare behind Stabroek and Guyhoc will cost $50 with the cut-off point for short drops on that route being Vlissengen Road.

Route 42 Georgetown/Timehri commuters would be required to pay, $40 to Agricola, $50 to Eccles Industrial Estate Road, $60 to Providence, $70 to Herstelling, Covent Garden, Little Diamond and $80 to Diamond/Grove/Craig.

Those travelling beyond this distance would be faced with costs ranging between $80 and $360 to trips to Kuru Kuru Co-op College and $240 to Kuru Kuru Village. Commuters travelling to the Timehri airport will be required to pay $200.

Travel between the city and Mahaica using Route 44 minibuses will cost between $60 to UG/Plaisance/Industry/ Better Hope. All other trips will cost between $80 and $120 for the furthest trips to Mosquito Hall - Mahaica Market.

The advert said distances of up to three miles would constitute a short drop while agreeing that primary school children would be charged half fare.

Older children attending secondary schools are to be charged a fare at the discretion of the operator, the notice said.

The advert further indicated that special consideration should be given to seniors, pregnant women and the disabled while emphasising that operators/owners have a social responsibility to provide a satisfactory service.

The advert also advised that commuters are expected to pay the required fare for the specific area or risk facing prosecution.