Bomb scare again interrupts Shafeek Bacchus murder PI
Stabroek News
June 4, 2004

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The preliminary inquiry into the murder of cattle farmer Shafeek Bacchus continued on Wednesday but was interrupted after Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen was informed that a bomb had been planted in the Georgetown Magis-trate's Court. The report turned out to be a hoax but all the courts were forced to discontinue hearings for the rest of the day.

After the chief clerk of the court informed Holder-Allen that a bomb was said to be in the magistrate's court, persons were immediately asked to vacate Court Two and adjoining courts.

"The Chief Clerk received a phone call that a bomb was in the court but the person did not specify what part of the building the bomb was planted in," said Holder-Allen while waiting in the court yard.

The bomb specialists who arrived on the scene one hour after being informed about the bomb at the court did not find any evidence of an explosive device.

"Matters of security are very important, this is a very serious situation, the judiciary and the chief justice are quite concerned about the security of the court," said Holder-Allen.

On May 20, a similar incident had occurred but persons were informed that the bomb was planted in the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Holder-Allen.

Gerald Aaron, constable 18445 of the East La Penitence Police Station gave further evidence in chief before the bomb scare. Aaron is attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

After Aaron's testimony, he was cross-examined by attorney-at-law Compton Richardon, then by attorney-at-law Vic Puran. State Counsel Simone Morris is appearing in the capacity of prosecutor. The preliminary inquiry will continue next Wednesday.

Four witnesses have already testified and seven others are expected to give further evidence in chief.

Ashton King and Shawn Hinds were charged on January 16 along with Mark Thomas for the murder of Bacchus on January 5 as he sat outside his Princes Street home.

Thomas called `Kerzorkee' of Auby's Wine Bar died at the Georgetown Hospital in February under mysterious circumstances.