Hill hopes rugby team can lift ratings
BWIA pitches in with fare reductions
Stabroek News
June 3, 2004

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International Rugby Board (IRB) coach David Hill is hoping that Guyana can improve their ratings and move into the early 20's slot after their June 8 and 9 Sevens competition in the Cayman Islands.

Hill, the former National Sevens Coach of Rugby Canada, is in Guyana to assist our country in the North America and West Indies Rugby Association (NAW-IRA) 2005 Rugby Qualifier.

Yesterday, he received a ticket from BWIA to take him as far as Jamaica on his way to the Cayman Islands. Members of the national team also received deductions in their air fares.

Both Hill and coach of the national side Sherlock Soloman who collected for the team were hearty in their praise for BWIA, said to have always been a good friend of the Guyana Rugby Football Union.

Hill, in an invited comment after the handing over ceremony at BWIA in Robb Street, said he was impressed with the team, since they have greatly improved since his last visit in November 2003.

One of the priorities of Hill and Soloman is getting the players in their right positions for next week's competition.

"From this moment on we will be working on the player's specialisation," Hill pointed out. "We cannot change the players' skills overnight, what we can do though is to improve on the tactics and strategies of our overall game."

Practice was expected to be held yesterday afternoon, today and Friday before Sunday's departure.

In the Cayman Islands, the team will practise on Monday before the commencement of the competition on Tuesday.

Along with Guyana, nine other teams are expected to take part in the competition: The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and the USA.

The winner of the competition qualifies to take part in the finals of the Rugby 2005 World Cup Sevens in Hong Kong.

Along with the invitation to the World Cup tournament, the winning Caribbean team will also benefit in two ways; the first is another invitation to a World Sevens Series to be played in Los Angeles in February next year, and the second is possible automatic qualification if the West Indian Qualifiers are not played.