Jeffrey backs school shift system
Stabroek News
May 31, 2004

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Minister of Education, Dr Henry Jeffrey says there is no point building more schools when there are limited resources to maintain the current ones and he backed the shift system.

Jeffrey made these remarks in response to recent comments made by teachers who felt that the shift system implemented when a school has to be repaired negatively affect classes.

Jeffrey, according to a release from the Government Information Agency (GINA) said the system had to be implemented when a school has to be repaired and there was no alternative accommodation for classes.

According to the release, during his budget presentation in April, Jeffrey had made the comment that if universal secondary education were to become a reality, about 12 more schools would be needed. To this end, Jeffrey believes that it would be best to maximise the use of the schools. Currently school buildings are in use for five hours per day and Jeffrey pointed out that in many developed countries, including Japan, some schools operate under a shift system.

"It's better we try to use what we have better and try to maintain them. The shift system would have to be institutionalised as far as I can see it," Jeffrey declared.

Currently, shift systems are employed as a temporary measure to conduct classes, especially when schools are under renovation.