Linux users hold expo on software's benefits
Stabroek News
May 30, 2004

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One of the organisers demonstrates the use of Linux applications at the expo organised by the Guyana Linux Users' Group (GLUG) on Saturday.

Many computer users had their first experience with Linux software yesterday at the Guyana Linux Users' Group (GLUG) exposition.

The expo was held at the offices of the National Centre for Education Research and Development (NCERD) and visitors got the chance to burn free programmes for installation onto their computers.

A number of desks were set up, demonstrating various uses and applications of the different types of Linux-based Open Source software.

The expo demonstrated the software's use in multimedia, networking, Palm synchronisation, office use, presentations and others.

And there was at least one scheduled demonstration of an installation of a programme on a computer system.

According to GLUG, open source software goes a far way in helping to resolve issues such as copyright and illegal copying of software, in addition to virus and security problems.

No anti-virus software is needed for computers running Linux which is seen as a grass-roots alternative in a market dominated by Microsoft.

The source code for Linux applications are available for modification by the end user, unlike Microsoft, and the only condition is that the person doing this must also make his programme available for modification.