Guyana still in need of cultural emancipation
Stabroek News
May 26, 2004

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Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green says that after 38 years of Independence, Guyanese appear to be still in need of cultural emancipation.

"The culture of a nation is its soul and unless we could really appreciate this in the framework of our multi-ethnic and multi-religious situation, our social and economic potential would not be fully realised. This would be unfortunate for Guyana," Green asserted in a message on the occasion of the country's 38th Independence anniversary.

He also posited that "perhaps, this is the reason why after nearly four decades, the City continues to struggle, with actions that are clearly incompatible with good health and progress, including littering, unauthorised building works, insanitary conditions, indiscipline, low standards, and a general disregard for law and order."

Green said that surely no one should think that Georgetown and the nation as a whole could truly advance to success with these inhibitions.

He also noted that after thirty-eight years of Independence, it is clear that the nation must urgently push ahead towards sustainable development.

However, Green advised, "this could not be achieved in the absence of a clear national consensual basis for ethnic reconciliation, truth, and forgiveness."