Take stock and plot best course forward - PNCR
Stabroek News
May 26, 2004

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The PNCR on the occasion of Guyana's 38th Independence Anniversary says the nation would be better served if Guyanese take stock of themselves and plot the best course forward.

The main opposition party stated in a release that "these 38 years have fully exposed our strengths, our weaknesses, our potential and our limitations. Judged from the impoverished and disconsolate state our people find themselves in today, it is plain that as a nation we have failed to overcome our weaknesses and limitations and to effectively exploit our strengths and potential."

The PNCR said it is not enough, however, for Guyanese to merely recognise and lament this fact, and the party is urging fellow citizens to join with it in mapping and implementing a rescue plan, a way out for Guyana.

The party also acknowledged that the road has not always been smooth and its efforts, "though all well-meaning, were not always successful and better decisions could have been made in instances, but the commitment of the PNC to nation-building is indisputable."

Lamenting that for too long the country has suffered economic and social turmoil while citizens have had their rights trampled upon, the PNCR advocated the way of shared governance which it said had the potential of making all Guyanese feel more involved in the process of governance and the development of their country.

The PNCR also asserted that unity with respect and tolerance for all were essential for there to be any future for the country.

The party called for the construction of a national economy buttressed by sound economic and social policies and programmes which would vigorously create jobs and it also urged the eradication of crime from the society. But according to the PNCR that can only happen with, and through good governance, which it says does not exist today.

"The PNCR stands ready to work with all like-minded Guyanese to confront the pressing problems and to implement a new vision for tomorrow. We must begin this work today," the party concluded.