It's official: City bus fares $40 and $60
Stabroek News
May 25, 2004

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Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Manzoor Nadir has decided to ratify minibus fares that were increased last year, given higher gas prices.

He made this decision when he met representatives of the minibus association yesterday.

According to the Permanent Secretary Joseph Singh, last year minibus fares for buses plying routes within Georgetown were increased to $40 for short drops and $60 for longer drops.

The ministry has recently carried out studies on the cost of operating minibuses and in view of this, Singh said, "we think it is fair to ratify last year's fares."

The Permanent Secretary said $40 for short drops would cover Kitty/Campbell-ville, Route 40, Lodge/South, East/West, Route 41 and Lamaha/Hospital, Route 45.

He said operators were told that primary school children should pay less and high school children in uniform should pay a lower fare at the discretion of the driver and conductor.

He noted that the ratification was based on the present gasoline prices and if prices again escalate to over $600 then further consultations would be held with regard to increasing fares. Singh noted that meetings would be held with representatives from the other minibus zones later in the week.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) release on Friday, the President said that the high price for fuel should not have triggered an increase in commuters' fares. GINA noted that Jagdeo said fares were set when fuel was at a relatively high price somewhere around $500 per gallon and when the gas price went down, fares were not adjusted downwards.

Meanwhile, last evening prices per gallon were $621 at Woon-a-Tai Shell Service Station, $615 at Shell Camp Street, $623 at Texaco on Mandela Avenue, $598 at Steve's Texaco, $582 at Narain's Esso, Providence, $579 at Correia's Esso and $582 at Guyoil.