Opposition writes second letter to UN on death squad probe
Stabroek News
May 21, 2004

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The opposition parties have sent off another letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, urging him to use every means at his disposal to encourage an impartial and independent Commission of Inquiry.

This second letter comes after they concluded that the Commission of Inquiry that the President announced for investigating death-squad allegations against Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj was not workable.

The PNCR said that there is considerable legal opinion that the appointment of Ivan Crandon, Chairman of the Police Service Commission, to the 'death squad' Commission of Inquiry is "unconstitutional."

The party was speaking at its press conference held yesterday at Congress Place. The commission may be formally sworn in this week but Crandon is said to be out of the country and may not be around for the swearing in.

It was announced at the press conference that the party would disclose further plans on the way forward at tomorrow's public rally, to be held at the Square of the Revolution. This event is being organised by the People's Movement for Justice (PMJ), which had staged a number of marches and rallies calling for the restoration of 'the rule of law'. The PNCR said that by 2006, there "must be a new system of governance in place to protect and serve the interests of all Guyanese."