...ACDA urges rethink
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May 21, 2004

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ACDA wants President Bharrat Jagdeo to rethink the commission of inquiry, saying the affair can only be resolved by the appropriate people with the resources and scope to do a thorough investigation.

In a statement issued yesterday, ACDA said it does not think the parliamentary opposition's rejection of the commissioners and their terms of reference had been premature.

"Obtaining the appropriate commission personnel and resources and determining the terms of the investigation must assume therefore the highest priority and definitiveness," ACDA noted.

ACDA drew a parallel between the proposed commission and the Disciplined Forces Commission, highlighting the considered deliberation and agreement in respect of terms of reference and personnel.

"And yet the work of the commission has had no impact on the community because its preliminary report has not been exposed to public scrutiny. The fate of a related, but hurriedly conceived commission of inquiry, will, in those circumstances, be even more ineffectual."

With respect to the powers of the commission, ACDA holds the view that the commission should have the authority to subpoena any witness believed to be in possession of vital information. But it thinks none of the President's commissioners seem likely to command that authority.

It said Chang is ill-suited for the penetrating investigation needed, while the relationship that both McLean and Crandon share with the disciplined forces rules them out.