Opposition's response to presidential commission well considered - WPA
Stabroek News
May 20, 2004

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The joint opposition's rejection of the commission established to investigate the Home Affairs Minister was arrived at after an in-depth consideration of all the implications, WPA Central Manager Desmond Trotman says.

"We looked at the issue in a way the GHRA did not look at it," he said yesterday, referring to the Guyana Human Rights Association's criticism of their position.

The PNCR, the WPA and the ROAR Guyana Movement all rejected the commission on Saturday, a day after the president announced that he had appointed the commission to investigate the involvement of Minister Ronald Gajraj in extra-legal killings.

The GHRA said the rejection of the commission was premature, and further, unconvincing and it has called on interested groups to recognise that the proposals provide the basis for negotiating an acceptable commission.

Trotman says the WPA, at least, still stands firmly behind the joint opposition statement, although it does respect the positions taken by the human rights body.