Jagdeo promises a radio set in every village
Stabroek News
May 20, 2004

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President Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday pledged to provide a radio set to every village in South and Central Rupununi.

According to the release from the Government Infor-mation Agency (GINA), several communities have requested sets since they have no means of communicating with each other. This affects them in cases of emergencies. Jagdeo said, "It is the policy of government to give each community a radio set, so rest assured that every village will get one."

In addition, he said a team of technical experts from Guyana Water Incorporated would be in Region Nine next week to help residents with water supplies.

Jagdeo made the pledges during a meeting with Toshaos and leaders of South and Central Rupununi convened at the Wadanapna Benab.

Throughout the President's five-day outreach to the region concerns relating to water supply and roads were prevalent.

He plans to address the issue of inferior work by contractors. Regional Executive Officer, Desmond Kissoon was mandated to obtain a list of areas affected by inadequate maintenance work for the team to work from.

Jagdeo also committed to building the school fence at Shulinab and to fixing defects on the school building within two weeks while he assured residents of Katoka that a school would be constructed there.